Time again for some Questions from you guys. My second year is soon coming to an end sadly and I want you to have the same experience like I have been having. I want you to have all the information before your journey is starting and then it's up to you..

How should I act a normal day on my work if there is no rules?
You are living and working at the same place so sometimes it can be hard to know when you can do different things. It's very important to put your mind into it when your workingday is starting or else you will feel lazy all day and have less energy. Think about what needs to do and how can you make this day fun and best for your kids. For kids every day is a new and excited day with different adventures and a lot of new things to discover. But we are all humans and some days your energy can feel like a train just hit you and then it can be harder. When your work is with people you care so much about don't forget that it's also your work. Get a good balance between you and the family so they know that you are always doing your job and if you have private duties you can always include the kids. Make your stuff a fun new adventure for them. 

Is the driving harder or just different?
Driving in a new country can be scary and especially when you a new to the area and you have your hostkids in the car. A lot of things can distract you and new information need to get in when time can be your worse enemy. In the begining you need to always ask questions to your hostfamily; Are there any special places where I need to be extra carefull? Can you drive to school with me? etc. Don't be shy to have them show you around more then one time. 
Communication is going to be your best friend. Everything takes time and you will learn something new every ride.  Be aware of your enviroment and how they are driving. When you are driving in bigger cities you can feel more stressed but don't worry. You will be the expert in just a few weeks. Be calm and have fun games with your kids. See if you can all together find the way together.

How do you solve conflicts with your hostfamily?
The main key for a good relationship is communication. Share feelings and have a good tone when having a conversation. The way you are acting against your hostfamily is going to get back to you later. It's always good to  see how other family members are talking to each other and how they are solving fights or discussions. You are going to be a family member and also an employee so think through your actions and what's the best way to take this further. You can always ask a friend, someone from home or your agency.  

Do you feel left out or ever not included in your family?
I never do, but if your case is that your hostfamily have a lot going on in their life it can be hard to see for them. 
If you feel that way always communicate with your family. Explane how you feel and give an example when they are making you feel that way. Think of a solution and bring that to the family and see if they agree or have something better. They are already trusting you to take care of their kids who is so important for them so they trust your instincts. They want your time with them to be the best. Remember that every hostfamily is different and also every Au Pair. Hostfamilies see your personality and that could be opposit of the Au Pair they had before so it takes time for them too. 

Do you ever feel homesick and how do you deal with your feelings?
Every day you will miss your family and friends from home and sometimes feel really homesick. Try to see your time here as your biggest adventure. You will make a lot of new friends and your hostfamily will be your second family. And what you do with your day will make you just want to tell everybody. The fun experience you are going to have will make your time a memory for life. You will have up- and down feelings but that's normal and you will fight that. This is your book of your life journey and how you are writing every day is up to you. Make it worth reading

, Emelie